‘Where the day takes me’: Ruthless X Tom Prior

“I just can’t help but go where the day takes me.” Quips Tom Prior, regarding his enigmatic music-style. Tom’s “genre” transcends the norm, and leaves listeners wanting for more – in whatever form the next song may take. “I just have to do what feels right to me, and on different days that’s different things.”
Finding his love for music at an early age, Tom believes his lyrical interests came during his formative years, growing up in Enfield, rapping on the playground during secondary school. It wasn’t until he found himself at college in Essex, that he had his eyes (and ears) opened to the wonderful world of Indie. “It was more that transition [between school and college], those two environments, they were quite different and had the biggest impact on the styles I put into my music.”

Sundays (the title has no bearing on his previous EP, “The Sunday Scene”) is Tom’s latest single, which incorporates a catchy beat-laden yet somewhat ethereal breathy chorus, and goes the route of indie-pop while staying gritty enough through the vocals and lyrics, to shred away any overly-saccharine notion the word “pop” might have brought with it. Explaining the thought process behind the song, Tom’s lyrical message is one that we can all relate to, “… it’s basically about accepting what some people might perceive to be flaws or vices. The things you need to get through the harder times, and instead of making yourself feel bad about it, just embracing the fact that’s who you are… But don’t judge me for getting through this the way I need to get through this.”
The music video for ‘Sundays’ dropped earlier this month, for which Tom teamed up with director Jackson Ducasse (whom he’d previously worked with on the beautiful and moving video for ‘Don’t Worry’) yet again, for a power-packed and densely saturated noir bit, that showcases every character in the video chasing that little something they don’t have, a nod to the song’s theme, which all ties in rather neatly.

When asked what we can expect from him later this year, Tom said: “I imagine the next thing will be the second volume of the Lock In Sessions, which is something that’s really important to me, ‘cause I like the fact I’m able to curate a project where artists get to collaborate.” Speaking of collaborations, he’s putting together the lineup for the aforementioned sessions, and has a few names in mind already- “I love Maverick Sabre, and there’s a new kid called Louis Berry from Liverpool who I think is great, I went on tour with him last month… In terms of further down the road though, Alex Turner, as he’s always been a huge influence on me lyrically.”

In a time where Spotify perpetuates and encourages our music ADD, it’s vitally important for artists to be malleable and produce songs that are not only catchy, but also serve a versatile and euphonious bridge for everyone regardless of age, culture, or status. Tom Prior’s music does just that, and during the fraught times we live in, music seems to be that one outlet that helps bring people together.
“I think music has it’s place, and this is the time to make music that can kinda help people escape for 5 minutes, I’m really not in any way implying that it’s going to change much, but people definitely need a reason to escape reality now, more than ever it feels like.”

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